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Welcome to my website

I create Postage Stamp Collage Art out of postage stamps from countries all over the world.  I like the fact that I have been able to breathe new life into stamps that are usually thrown out or placed in albums never to be seen again.


The one thing I like best about postage stamps is that they create travel.  Their very existence demands that they take a trip.  They are used to send letters, postcards and parcels around the world.  It’s quite a job for something so small.


I have come across quite a mixture of themes when I look through my stamps. Some stamps celebrate people; Authors, Presidents, Kings, Queens and the occasional Dictator.  Some stamps support various causes; Nursing, The Space Race, World Peace and some stamps demanding us to do something; “End Hunger Now!” and some stamps, well they are just so gosh darn pretty.

View My Artwork (click here)

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